Check out our new classroom projects

Classroom Projects

by Emma Sewell
by Emma Sewell

In our mission to explore of all things educational we’ve begun to notice just how creative you teachers are getting in your classrooms! Not only are you helping children learn in the more traditional sense of the word, you’re pushing the boundaries and coming up with some fantastic new ways to keep your pupils engaged.

We’ve found some great ideas for classroom projects on more “Check out our new classroom projects”

Introducing Kerboodle

The Education Umbrella logo and Kerboodle logoRecently, we were excited to launch Kerboodle as a purchasable product on our website.

Our mission has always been to make school resource comparison and purchasing an easier and quicker process for our customers. more “Introducing Kerboodle”

Introducing Storyteller Interactive


When we spot an opportunity to make teachers’ lives easier (they’re hard enough already!) we tend to throw all we can at it. So we’re pleased to announce the launch of Storyteller Interactive, an exciting new online primary literacy resource built for the new national curriculum.

While making developments to our cloud platform last year, we realised that we were in a great position to create a new kind of classroom video resource more “Introducing Storyteller Interactive”