Introducing Storyteller Interactive


When we spot an opportunity to make teachers’ lives easier (they’re hard enough already!) we tend to throw all we can at it. So we’re pleased to announce the launch of Storyteller Interactive, an exciting new online primary literacy resource built for the new national curriculum.

While making developments to our cloud platform last year, we realised that we were in a great position to create a new kind of classroom video resource – one which could be interactive, include full lesson plans, and utilise truly captivating video content to deliver the primary literacy curriculum.

The foundation of Storyteller Interactive lies in 30 captivating tales told directly to the camera by storytelling laureates. We knew that these award-winning videos would be perfect as a natural framework to explore the many aspects of the new national curriculum. With over 1600 interactive literacy activities arranged over eight themed timelines, this front-of-class primary literacy resource allows you to plan and deliver hundreds of hours of curriculum-linked lessons.

We want Storyteller to be accessible to every school no matter the size or budget – so we’ve set the price at only £19.99 per video (or you can buy the whole set of 30 for £299). This gets you access to Storyteller Interactive for one year, on any device (perfect for an interactive whiteboard), from anywhere in the world. We host it ourselves in The Education Cloud, where you’ll find it’s easy to share the resource with your colleagues.

We could explain all about how Storyteller Interactive works here, but frankly it’s much easier for you to pop over to the demo and have a good play around. (Remember to have a good look at the lesson planning timelines sections below the video player – these are unique to Storyteller Interactive and allow you to learn everything about the interactive activities before you start the lesson!)

…and yes, it works on iPad!

Use the slideshow below to have a glance through our favourite stories:

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