Introducing Kerboodle

The Education Umbrella logo and Kerboodle logoRecently, we were excited to launch Kerboodle as a purchasable product on our website.

Our mission has always been to make school resource comparison and purchasing an easier and quicker process for our customers. A core part of this is making digital products such as Kerboodle (from both large publishers like Oxford University Press and smaller, more specialist companies) readily available for sale in the same way as books. You can find Kerboodle products online by searching, filtering by “Kerboodle” resource type, or browsing the Kerboodle homepage.

Kerboodle was the very first example of ‘blended learning’, launched way back in 2006 by Nelson Thornes (now part of Oxford University Press) to great acclaim, and so it seems fitting that this is where we begin. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be introducing more digital products (starting with Dynamic Learning from Hodder!) for you to explore, compare and purchase – we’ll let you know as they become available!

Frequently asked questions:

How do I access Kerboodle once I’ve bought it through the website?

Within 48 hours of ordering, you should receive your access details for Kerboodle from Oxford University Press. Then, you can access Kerboodle in exactly the same way as if you’d bought it from them: by going to and signing in.

Where can I find more information on Kerboodle?

We’re working on getting webinars and live demos organised for prospective Kerboodle buyers. For now, if you’ve already looked through our Kerboodle section and want more information, just contact us.

How do your prices compare with elsewhere?

You won’t find Kerboodle cheaper anywhere else – and you’ll even gain eureka loyalty points on every purchase! Remember – we include VAT so the price you see is the price you pay (for some reason, the EU currently requires that VAT be charged on digital learning products whilst printed books are exempt… don’t ask us!).

Kerboodle bestsellers so far:

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Thanks for reading!

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