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Classroom Projects

by Emma Sewell
by Emma Sewell

In our mission to explore of all things educational we’ve begun to notice just how creative you teachers are getting in your classrooms! Not only are you helping children learn in the more traditional sense of the word, you’re pushing the boundaries and coming up with some fantastic new ways to keep your pupils engaged.

We’ve found some great ideas for classroom projects on Pinterest and started our own board featuring some of our favourites. Click here to see them.

When putting the board together our inner child started jumping up and down with joy… why should it just be the kids that get to have all the fun? So purely for educational purposes we’ve decided that we should try a few of these too, for your amusement as well as ours! We’re still compiling our list of “office safe” experiments, but hope to bring you some creative (and possibly disastrous) videos and clips soon. Although the list is long at the moment, we’re quite tempted by Racing CD Rocket cars after reading the book. We’re very fond of a bit of competition in this office, so I can see us having a racing day around the desks.Racing CD Rocket Car

If you have any suggestions we’d love to hear from you, feel free to share any that you’ve created, seen online or haven’t been brave enough to test yet!

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