Non-fiction and fiction list for Remembrance Day


To commemorate Remembrance Day, we’ve put together a list of texts ranging from war poetry to real-world accounts from British soldiers on tour. No matter how you want to best observe this important time of year, there’s something here to appeal to everyone:

The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry by Matthew George Walter

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Lecturer in English at Sussex University, Matthew George Walter’s extensive anthology of poetry from the First World War features writings from well-known poets such as Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, as well as those from several other lesser-known but equally moving writers. Walter not only examines the creativity of writing from such a terrible and turbulent time in human history, but also the cultural and social impacts of the First World War in relation to each writer’s role in the war.

More from the product page: Reflecting the voices of poets, soldiers, the families they left behind and their comrades who would never return, “The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry”, previously published as “In Flanders Fields”, is edited with an introduction by George Walter in “Penguin Classics”.

Encyclopedia of War by DK

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DK’s cataloging of the world’s major conflicts is truly exhaustive. Covering over 5,000 years, Encyclopedia of War reports on early primitive battles to the world-spanning conflicts of the 20th century. Touching on everything from the roles of samurai warriors in Feudal Japan to the technologically-advanced armies of the modern age, readers are able to map the progression of war through human history in great detail.

More from the product page: Covering seven distinct periods of military history, delve into a wealth of features on weapons and technology, strategy and tactics, the experience of war, and history’s fighting elites to recount the epic story of warfare and combat through the ages.

Remembrance Day by Leah Fleming

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Remembrance Day by Leah Fleming is a heartrending fiction mainly revolving around events from the Second World War. A story with secrecy, tragedy, and family deception at its core, Fleming tells a story of wartime intrigue with a strong cast of empathetic and relatable characters. In their review, The Bookseller said: ‘An epic tale of hardship and tragedy straddling the Second World War.’

More from the product page: 1914 saw the Yorkshire village of West Sharland send its men off to fight, including Selma’s brothers and her sweetheart Guy. But when Guy is badly wounded and returns home on leave, the horrific reality of war is fully realised in the village…


Warriors: British Fighting Heroes by Ross Kemp

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In conjunction with his award-winning Sky television series looking at the experiences of British servicemen and women in modern conflict, Ross Kemp’s book is a passionate recognition of the duties and plights of our Armed Forces. Recounting stories of courage from a variety of different servicemen and women, Kemp’s book Warriors: British Fighting Heroes makes for extremely compelling reading.

More from the product page: “British Fighting Heroes” is Ross Kemp’s personal tribute to some of the most remarkable men and women to have served in the British Armed Forces during the two World Wars, many of them unsung or forgotten.

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