Review: Dirty Bertie Jackpot

by Emma Sewell
by Emma Sewell

Dirty Bertie gets himself in some more sticky situations


Dirty Bertie has always been a bit of a character, and these three stories are certainly no exception.

In the first, we get to watch the excitement as Gran tells Bertie that she has won the lottery. Being too excited by Gran’s news to listen properly, Bertie tells his family they’re rich and they start to wonder what they will do with all that money. First thing on the cards is a shopping trip. Mum and Suzy do what women do best, and Dad takes Bertie to the toy department… where he manages to crash a ferrari. I don’t think I need to tell you that Gran’s win wasn’t quite what they were expecting.

Dirty Bertie JackpotNext, Dirty Bertie tries his hand at baking with disasterous results, and who could blame him? Salt and sugar do look very similar. With mishap after mishap Bertie is left with the imminent danger of all his teachers tucking into his sloppy-salty chocolate cake that has ended up the star piece at a teachers leaving do.

Lastly… and definitely my favourite… is the revenge of Molly Dolly. With the instruction “don’t go in there”, of course Bertie is going to go straight into Suzy’s room to try and win a game of hide and seek. Almost instantly he manages to destroy Molly Dolly, Suzy’s prized possession. Instead of owning up, he decides to try and fix everything before she notices, but Molly Dolly comes out looking like something out of a horror movie. His best plan now is to hide her in the bin and hope the bin men come before she can be discovered. Unfortunately you have to get up early in the morning to fool Suzy. After finding a clue she tracks down Molly Dolly, and the rest of the story… well, it just goes to show you should never cross a woman! Suzy manages some hilarious stunts that leave Dirty Bertie scared witless.

The writing is simple and very reader friendly which is just what developing readers need to gain confidence in reading. Short complete stories like this are perfect for getting childrenĀ more comfortable with the form of books, and these funny little tales are wonderfully entertaining. Perfect for readers aged 7+ who are looking for something similar to Horrid Henry. While this is ideal for boys, girls will definitely get a kick out of little Suzy’s antics.

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