So You’ve Seen Pride and Prejudice and Zombies…

by Emma Sewell
by Emma Sewell

Having been to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I’m left wondering where to go next…

What to read next

My shelves are full of possibilities, but most are things I’ve already read. So it’s time to go on an adventure into the TBR pile and beyond.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Graphic NovelObviously your first port of call should be the book itself (if you didn’t read it first, shame on you!) and its companion editions. Quirk Books have got spoof novels down to a fine art. I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies when it first came out and it became an instant favourite. You can pick up Dawn of the Dreadfuls and Dreadfully Ever After, but the one that caught my eye was the graphic novel edition. As is typical of film and TV tie-ins there are never enough in circulation, but this one should be worth the wait.


Looking for another film/book crossover?


World War Z Max BrooksMy next pick is World War Z by Max Brooks. I quite enjoyed the film starring Brad Pitt but have still got the book in my TBR… yes I know, I’m being a hypocrite… I watched the film accidentally! This book is the collected accounts of survivors of the zombie war that almost eradicated the human race as we know it.

Another one for the graphic novel fans out there, Max Brooks has also got Recorded Attacks: Zombie Survival Guide covering zombie attacks throughout history. How did our ancestors survive the zombie plague when it raged? Find out within Recorded Attacks’ pages.


Walking Dead Volume 1With the return of The Walking Dead to our screens it’s a no brainer (excuse the pun) to include the first volume of this on the list. Kirkman and Moore’s undead creation has swept up audiences, and readers, for years. The series focuses on Rick Grimes who wakes up in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. In the search for his wife and son he meets a group of survivors and, with him as their leader, they battle for survival.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of Walking Dead volumes to keep you busy between series!


Night of the Living TrekkiesWe start to divert away from tie-ins now, but we’re still sticking with Quirk Books for Night of the Living Trekkies. I’ve gone full Trekkie with this one! Aliens release a zombie plague and it’s up to the Starfleet convention goers to fight back before everyone is assimilated.

“They thought space was the final frontier – they were wrong.” What’s not to love about all of that? And its cover!… I always want to pick this one up again so it’s constantly in my TBR.


The Enemy Charlie HigsonPast fourteen years old you’ll succumb to a deadly zombie contagion; until that point you need to stay alive. When the virus took hold, every adult fell sick. If they were lucky they died. The unlucky were disoriented, crazed… and hungry. Charlie Higson has a great history writing and starring in TV shows and made a brilliant leap over to children’s books. The Enemy is the first in the seven-book series of the same name.

As well as this great series, Higson has also published the Young Bond series with Puffin. Check out all his books here.


Forest of Hands and TeethCarrie Ryan’s debut novel The Forest of Hands and Teeth is next up on the list. The first book in a trilogy, it tells the story of Mary who lives in a village surrounded by fences. No one apart from the ‘Sisterhood’ knows what’s on the other side, and only the infected go out into the forest. But Mary was brought up on stories of a time before the zombies, and wants to reach the ocean.

The rights for this have been brought so hopefully we can look forward to the film hitting our screens soon.


Feed Mira GrantLast pick on the zombie theme is Feed by Mira Grant (pseudonym of Seanan McGuire). One line in the blurb particularly amused me… “The good news? We cured the common cold. The bad news? Side effects include zombies.”

Set in 2040, Feed follows the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. Two cures that the human race strived for, the cure for cancer and the cure for the common cold, have combined and quickly spread. And it’s harmless enough… until activated by death. Bloggers are the new journalists, and Georgia is in the thick of it as she covers the presidential campaign and a conspiracy starts to unfold.


That’s just a few of the top zombie books out there. If you’ve got any other undead reads you think we should try after watching Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, comment and let us know!

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