What’s New At EU? September 2016

by Emma Sewell
by Emma Sewell

Back in May, “What’s New” showed you what was changing behind the scenes to make your experience on our website better.

We’ve been busy bees again in the last few months! Check out our latest updates and see a special, sneak peek at what’s coming soon!

What’s New 1] Your Online Basket

The latest update to the basket means that you can now keep items in your basket for 30 days. If you prefer keeping your order in your basket, this will mean you don’t have to worry about being timed out.

When you access your account online again later, it will be available for you to purchase, amend or convert to a shortlist.

What’s New 2] Shortlist Changes

What's New Adding To ShortlistCreating shortlists is an important feature of Education Umbrella. We know not all teachers can place orders through websites, but you need to be able to easily find products and share them with someone who can.

The process of adding products to a shortlist is much simpler now. When you click on the “add to shortlist” icon, a drop down will appear with all your current shortlists visible. You can choose one of these to add the product to, by clicking on the checkbox, or you can create a new shortlist. Once you do this, it will change to a green tick and let you know it’s been added.

To create a new shortlist when adding a new item it’s simple. Click the “add to shortlist” button, and at the top you will see an empty text field saying “create new list”. Choose a unique name for your shortlist, and then click on the save icon that appears.

If you need to add your product to multiple shortlists, just click on all the checkboxes you need to. Don’t worry if you tick the wrong list by accident, click on the green tick that appears next to the list and it will be removed.

Remember, if you want to put a specific quantity to your shortlist, alter the quantity first, and then click on “add to shortlist”. No worries if you’ve forgotten to amend the quantity before adding it, you can go to the My Shortlist section and amend them there.

As always, when you’ve completed a list, you’ll be able to share it with colleagues straight from our site.

What’s New 3] More DIBS!

Our favourite feature from the last update was definitely Digital Inspection Books. We loved it, you loved it, so guess what… we’ve added more!

Lots of great titles from Oxford University Press’ latest publishing has been added. You’ll be able to find over 50 of their key titles available as Digital Inspection Books. Make sure you keep an eye out for the DIBs button on our product pages.

By far the most popular DIBs were fromĀ PG Online. Their five Computer Science textbooks were requested over 400 times, just in June and July!

What’s New 4] Bug Fixes

A lot of the work that comes with a huge eCommerce website is fixing bugs. In the run up to the busy summer ordering period, we made sure that our website was in tip-top shape. A big sorry to any of you who did experience any issues!

Three of the bugs we fixed were: some voucher codes being removed at checkout, menus not appearing on our mobile site, and customers not receiving an email when they requested a Digital Inspection Book.

Remember: If you’re experiencing a problem with any of the features on our site let us know. While we’re always checking the site for bugs, no one person has the same user experience, so your input is vital for everything to work smoothly. So drop us a comment below or email customer services (admin@educationumbrella.com) and tell us what bugs are bugging you.

What’s New 5] Pearson Publisher Zone

Pearson LogoWe’ve got lots of easy ways for you to find products on our site. But one of the latest changes is going to make it much easier to find Pearson products.

In our new and improved publisher zone, you’ll be able to find all of Pearson’s latest and top series by their subject and level. For the first time, this zone will have not just Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level… but Vocational and FE series as well!

Sneak Peak! Coming Soon!

By now, you’re all familiar with our TECbook. It’s our favourite way to study online because you can use your text, notebooks and flashcards all in one place. As its popularity grows we’re keen to look at how to make accessing your resources easier.

Our cloud platform is much more than just a place to find your TECbooks, we also host videos and soon, lesson plans. As we’ve developed more products, we’ve realised that The Education Cloud needs to develop too. First and foremost, it needs to be easy to navigate.

We will soon be releasing a version that splits up resources into their resource types. In a simple side menu you’ll be able to jump to a specific resource type. From there, you’ll be shown all your matching resources in the order they were last accessed. The way you manage all your resources will stay the same within the products though, don’t worry!

This change will also greatly improve accessibility across devices. We see more and more people using TECbooks on an iPad every day. But this new menu will help users on all devices.

Once this redesign is live we’ll beĀ changing the way you can access our popular lesson plans. This will let you add the resources you want to The Education Cloud, and access them where ever, and whenever you need them. You’ll also be able to share them with colleagues via email.

As always, we’d love to hear if you have any ideas about what features we could improve. Drop us a line and let us know what would make your user experience easier.

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